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H-5035C full-automatic glue positioning box making machine

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Update time : 2020-06-16 11:46:17

H-5035C full-automatic glue positioning box making machine

Equipment model: H-5035C

Production speed: 20-30pcs / min

Overall dimension: 7100 * 4200 * 3300mm



Machine introduction:

1. The full-automatic Tiandi cover intelligent machine is the best equipment for making high-quality Tiandi cover paper box rice.

2. Reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, equivalent to the leading international technology level.

3. Bus control PLC programmable controller, photoelectric induction tracking system, servo correction system, touch man-machine interface.

4. Realize automatic feeding of paper, automatic over gluing, automatic conveying of ash board, automatic molding of four corners, automatic positioning, automatic bus control, servo motor molding and other process actions.

5. The production of the whole machine is fully automatic on-line operation, and the production efficiency is several times higher than that of the traditional process.

6. It also has the function of fault diagnosis display and alarm, ensuring the operation safety.

7. it is suitable for making shoes box, shirt box, jewelry box, watch box, wine box, perfume box, folding box, electronic product packaging box and all kinds of gift boxes.

Technical parameters:
Face paper size Minimum width 100mm
Maximum width 600mm
Minimum length 220mm
Maximum length 800mm
Paper thickness 80-180g/m2
Cardboard thickness 1-3mm
Finished product (Paper Box) size Minimum width 50mm
Maximum width 350mm
Minimum length 100mm
Maximum length 500mm
Minimum height 14mm
Maximum height 130mm
Fold in edge size Minimum size 10mm
Maximum size 70mm
Fold ear size of face paper 15-100mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.25mm
Production speed 20-30pcs/min
Overall power 17kw
Machine weight 3500kg
Machine size (L * W * H) 7100*4200*3300mm



Equipment features:

1. The full-automatic Feida conveying part of face paper.

2. Hot melt glue automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system.

3. Automatic conveying and cutting device of hot-melt adhesive tape paper, which can complete the corner sticking operation of inner carton at one time.

4. A vacuum suction fan is set below the conveyor belt to control the relative deviation of the coated paper.

5. The servo rectifying device is adopted for the inner box of coated paper and paperboard, which can accurately position and fit.

6. The carton forming part automatically receives the carton to the forming part according to the carton conveying condition above the conveyor belt.

7. The continuous operation of the paper box forming department is completed in one time by entering the box, wrapping, folding ears and folding the paper edge into the forming and defoaming.

8. The whole machine adopts PLC control, photoelectric tracking system and touch man-machine interface to realize the automatic production process of one-time carton forming.

9. Automatic fault diagnosis alarm function.

H-5035C full-automatic glue positioning box making machine
Scope of application:

Wine box, watch box, jewelry box, perfume box, folding box, gift box,  file box, clothing box, shoebox, mobile phone box and other electronic products packaging.

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