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600A intelligent hardbound production line (optional)

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Author : KA MEI
Update time : 2020-06-15 21:17:00

600A intelligent hardbound production line (optional)

Equipment model: H-600a
Production speed: 20-30pcs / min
Overall dimension: L9500 * W3200 * H1900
Production line allocation
1. 600A intelligent assembly line
2. Vision manipulator positioning system (positioning box and shell)
3. Top and lid box  automatic forming machine for sky and sky cover
4. Automatic tetrahedral Folding box wrapping machine

Machine use

The intelligent hardcover production line can be matched with a molding machine or a shell machine, which is the best equipment for making high-grade top-quality carton for Tiandi lid.

Reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, equivalent to the leading international technology level.

The bus control PLC programmable controller, visual image and  manipulator positioning, touch human-computer interface.

Realize the automatic feeding of paper, automatic over gluing, automatic conveying of ash board, forming of servo motor and other process actions. The production efficiency of the machine is several times higher than that of the traditional process.

It also has the function of fault diagnosis display and alarm, ensuring the operation safety. It is suitable for making jewelry boxes, electronic product packaging boxes, all kinds of sky and earth cover gift boxes. It can produce cover leather cases. One piece of cardboard or multiple cardboard can be wrapped in four sides at a time, and various cover leather cases can be processed.


Type H-600A型
Forming size 560mm*360mm*90mm
Maximum forming size 90mm*90mm*15mm/120mm*50mm*15mm
Minimum forming size 80mm
Face paper size 560mm
Minimum shell width 180mm
Maximum shell width 800mm
Paper thickness 80-200g/m2
Production speed 20-30pcs/min
Air source 0.6-0.8MPa
Positioning accuracy ±0.1-0.15mm
Supply voltage 380V
Machine power 9.6KW
Net weight of machine 2400kg
Machine size L9500*W3200*H1900

Machine features:

1. Modules can be replaced: upgrade on demand to meet different customer needs.

2. Face paper variety: slotted face paper, heart-shaped face paper, all colors of face paper can be easily completed.

3. Fast mold adjustment: shorten production pause and meet different product requirements.

4. Free matching: independent operation and flow operation.

5. Memory function: parameter settings can be directly retrieved.

6. Visual positioning: higher positioning accuracy, meeting the requirements of high standard customers.

7. Controllable production capacity: adjust the speed as required, depending on the product.

8. Servo control: easy to operate and learn.

9. Fault alarm: fault whistle alarm, fault screen display.

10. Emergency stop: with touchable emergency stop switch, press to stop automatically.

600A automatic vision positioning and pasting machine

Scope of application:

Wine box, watch box, jewelry box, perfume box, folding box, gift box, mobile phone box, file box, clothing box, shoe box, leather case, book cover and other products.

1) We launch lots of new designs monthly according to the marketing popular trends.
2) We are able to make design based clients ideas
3) We provide a one-stop service from sample design,development & production, quality inspection and after-sales service.
4) Quick and professional reply for any inquiry within 12 hours.

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