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DCZ701310 - AOKE Sample machine

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Update time : 2020-06-12 15:12:00

AOKE - DCZ701310 Detailed description of proofing machine

         DCZ70 series Aoke proofing machine is a new generation system. Its performance has a qualitative leap compared with the original style. It has a great improvement not only in processing speed, processing accuracy and convenient operation. Dcz70 series proofing machine integrates multiple functions such as proofing and drawing, adhering to the characteristics of mechanical stability, high speed and high precision.

It can cut corrugated paper, cardboard, foam board, plastic board, thin plank, leather, cloth and other materials. It is suitable for packaging industry enterprises, corrugated boxes, color boxes, wine boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes, perfume boxes, folding boxes, gift boxes proofing small batch production needs, in the proofing period, greatly shorten the proofing time, can quickly sample, can be well received by customers. Comments.

Main features of dcz70 series models:

——2 interchangeable tool heads, integral head frame, easy to change tools.

——Four axis high-speed motion controller, mould installation, convenient maintenance.

——The cutting depth is adjustable.

——The reference setting is simple, different materials can be processed as long as the thickness and speed are set.

DCZ70 adopts a new design concept, and various tools can be interchanged perfectly. And all kinds of tools are very convenient to dismantle, greatly improving the convenience of operators, thus greatly improving the work efficiency. The machine is equipped with pen, vibration knife, pressing wheel and dragging knife tools, which can easily meet the demanding requirements of various packaging materials. According to the expansion of materials, heavy draggers can also be selected to deal with various special materials of packing boxes.





   Type of machine  DCZ701310 
   Effective cutting range  1300*1000mm
   To configure     Vibrating knife, pen, pressing wheel and dragger
   Function     Carton, Paper Box ,All kinds of packaging Design proofing. Can cut and indent corrugated paper within 15mm
   Maximum speed  1350mm/S
   Cutting minimum circle diameter       3mm
   Maximum cutting thickness       30mm
   Control line and driver      Servo
   Accuracy       ≤0.1mm
   Vacuum      5.5kv
   Voltage      220v±10%50Hz
   Data port      Parallel port, serial port, USB
   Data transmission speed      10MB/S
   Input buffer      32MB
   Floor size       220*1810*1180mm

Your reason for choosing us.

1.Our company is brand new DCZ701310 is a kind of machine used for prepress carton box sample, such as carton, paper boxes, watch boxes, jewelry boxes, perfume boxes, folding boxes and gift boxes.

2. Generally, we will make one or several "white sample" samples for customers to manufacture or design packaging boxes, and take them to customers for confirmation, to see whether they are consistent with the sample processed by the samples, or to carry out trial assembly of products, to see whether the packaging effect structure is unreasonable, and the protection of products is not in place.

3. If the customer confirms that the white sample is correct, we will design the printing surface of cartons and cartons. We will use a digital inkjet printer (or film printing) to mount several color surfaces and then make "color sample" to send to the customer for confirmation. The main reason is that the customer confirms that the effect, location and text of the picture are not correct.

4. When making "white sample" and "color sample", the proofer usually used to cut the tangent line of the carton box by hand, and use the back of the cutter to make the broken line. The size of the sample made in this way is not accurate or exquisite. If the customer's requirements are high or the number of samples is dozens, they usually need to make a sample beer plate and then load the beer machine to produce "white sample" or "color sample". It takes time and effort to make the sample beer plate. If the customer needs to modify the sample and make a new beer plate, the efficiency of the packaging factory can not meet the production rhythm of the rapid production of modern packaging.

5.In view of this situation, the computer mediated prototype came into being. The computer-aided prototype can complete the die-cutting, indentation and forming of cartons and cartons (plastic products) without beer plate or die-cutting machine through cutting head and indentation head, saving a lot of beer plate, die-cutting machine and labor cost

6. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the box shape of the design, you can modify it at any time and change it as you go. After confirming that the product meets the customer's requirements, you can carry out mass production, which is not only conducive to reducing production waste, but also can help you win customer orders and better serve customers.



1) We launch lots of new designs monthly according to the marketing popular trends.
2) We are able to make design based clients ideas
3) We provide a one-stop service from sample design,development & production, quality inspection and after-sales service.
4) Quick and professional reply for any inquiry within 12 hours.


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